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Jennifer is the proud mom of two children, Chase and Bryn, ages 13 and 10. Jennifer and Scott, her husband, are current residents of Carp but have deep roots in Kanata, having grown up in Beaverbrook and Glen Cairn respectively.

Jennifer is passionate about contributing to the strong and vibrant community fabric that makes Kanata-Carleton a wonderful place to raise her children. Having completed her BA from Carleton in 2003, she completed her MBA in 2007. Jennifer and Scott founded their business in 2007 and have since grown from their garage in Morgan’s Grant, to a warehouse in Kanata North, and their newest space on Carp Rd. Growing this business and employing 16 people in various capacities, combined with community volunteerism, Jen is a proven leader. In 2015 she was the recipient of the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce/Ottawa Business Journal 40 Under 40 award.  

Most recently, Jennifer has been named the Chair of the Businesswoman of the Year Gala presented by the Women’s Business Network. She continues to volunteer her time with many local groups including the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre, West Carleton Minor Hockey Association and Bruce House and the West Carleton School of Performing Arts.

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This pandemic has opened my eyes in more ways than one. Our family business has been pushed to the edge and managed to hold on. We have been forced to do everything imaginable while trying to stay positive. This economic crisis brought about by the pandemic is very real for many of us, we know we are not alone in the sleepless nights planning for how we will make it through.

One key theme this pandemic has taught us is that extreme financial management of a business, looking at every item and every line, is the only way forward. I have real concerns and believe the current Liberal government is not best suited or capable of leading us out of the post pandemic financial crisis we are left with. Only through careful financial management can our country and our local community begin to truly recover. I believe the best team to manage the country’s financial affairs coming out of the pandemic is the Conservative Party, and would be proud to contribute as part of this team.

March 26th, 2:30pm – 6:30pm Free Meet & Greet









The Calling to Step Up
Supporting Families, Neighbours, and our Broader Community!

I’ve been so fortunate to grow up in Kanata. Our family’s deep roots are intertwined in almost every arena, sports field and dance studio in the area. I am proud to have lived my entire life in this community and delighted to now be raising our two children here, while operating our family business in West Carleton (Carp). In choosing to run for office, the example I hope to be setting for my children and their friends is to do things that are bigger than you and do everything you can to inspire those around you with your positivity.

On March 26th Join Me for a Meet and Greet

I’m so excited to be running again for the Conservative nomination for Kanata-Carleton. On March 26th I’d like to have the opportunity to connect with you directly at our first of many meet and greets. Join us at the Kanata Recreation Complex in Hall D from 2:30pm to 6:00pm for great conversation with fellow conservatives. Please stop by at whatever time works best for you!

I’d love to hear directly from you about the issues you hold closest to your heart and your hopes for the future of our community and country.

We’ll have coffee, light refreshments and volunteers on hand to help you renew or purchase your membership in the CPC.